How to maintain your hardwood floor

To keep your floors looking like new:

  • Sweep your floor frequently to get rid of any dirt that can damage your floor’s finish.
  • Mop your floors especially the high traffic areas with a slightly wet preferably a microfiber cloth a few times a month.
  • Protect your floors from furniture scuff marks with furniture protectors.  Do not drag heavy objects across your floor.
  • We recommend a professional hardwood floor cleaner to remove any tough heel or scuff marks. Do not spray directly on the stained floor- instead spray a small amount on a microfiber cloth and lightly rub the stained area. DO NOT use any cleaners with ammonia, wax or soaps, as they will ruin your floor’s finish.
  • Use window treatment to shade your hardwood floor from the sun’s rays. Prolonged exposure to sun could discolor your floor over time.
  • Be careful while wearing dress shoes or heels, they can cause gouges and marks on a wood floor.
  • Groom pets nails to prevent scratching the floor.
  • Floor Mats at entryways and encouraging everyone to wipe their feet before entering your home will keep dirt and debris from scratching your floors.
  • A mat or rug in front of sinks/washers will prevent potential water damage to your wood floor.
  • Please wait a month after your floor is refinished to use any cleaner or water on your hardwood floor.

Blemishes and Debris:

Setting resins can exaggerate the appearance of blemishes in the early stages. However, almost all blemishes disappear completely as the finish sets. Length of time before you should become concerned: 60-90 days.


As the finish sets, you may see very slight color differentiation in your wood floor. These differentiations are normal and will most likely even out on its own. Length of time before you should become concerned: 60-90 days.

Uneven Sheen:

Humidity, temperature, and the wood composition can make the application process tricky, leading to possible uneven application. Sheen variance evens out over time.Length of time before you should be concerned: 120 days.

After a new floor install

You will save yourself quite a bit of stress and grief if you remember that it’s not uncommon to have some minor defects in a finished floor. Small, temporary side-effects will almost always disappear during the curing and maturation process.

When inspecting your new wood floor, please remember to do so from a standing position with normal lighting. Glare, particularly from large windows, magnifies any irregularity in the floor and should not determine acceptance.

If you’re still concerned about your floor and would like us to re-inspect, feel free to reach us @ 503-384-0644.


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